Massage Therapy
33 Tanning SPA                R33NERGIZING THE STANDARDS...


We are thrilled to announce the addition of Jordan A. Clark, Licensed Massage Therapist, to 33 Tanning Spa! We are proud to Re-energize the Standards of indoor tanning salons by providing services beyond esthetics and relaxation. 

Jordan shares our proactive and relaxing approach to Re-Energizing your health. He has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over five years and holds certifications in both Personal Training and Performance Training. Jordan’s background in athletics led him to the magnitude of benefits acquired through proper massage techniques. His interest in the healing modalities of massage drove him to pursue an ambitious career in massage therapy. He has obtained experience through working in athletic, chiropractic, and independent settings. He has treated a variety of injuries such as herniated discs, dislocations, tendonitis, muscle tears, and sprains.

“An injury to the smallest of muscles can and will effect the whole body, physically and mentally. The longer you wait, the more the injury progresses. I can assure you exceptional care using my knowledge, experience, and passion to expedite your recovery!” - Jordan Clark, L.M.T.

Massage therapy offers more than a relaxing experience- it provides an array of benefits such as increasing the circulation of blood and lymph flow; reducing inflammation of joints; improving oxygen flow; strengthening the immune system; increasing endorphins; and many more!