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                              Level 1 Beds

LEVEL 1 “Montego Bay”
Each level tanning bed provides a specific function in the tanning process. Our Level 1 Montego Bay tanning bed is ideal for creating your base tan or may be used boost your existing tan to a deeper and darker level. This bed provides 30 lamps of 100 watt UVB lamps with a 20 minute maximum time exposure. The Montego Bay level 1 tanning bed is designed to deliver results at an affordable price and is available for unlimited use for only $13.33 per month! 

Level 2 Beds


LEVEL 2 “Pacifica”
The Level 2 Pacifica tanning bed furnishes 32 high UVA lamps and 3 High Pressure Facial Lamps which supply both low and medium pressure bulbs. This 12 minute maximum exposure time bed is a great way to take your tan to a deeper level and is generally recommended to be added to your tanning routine every few sessions. 


LEVEL 2 “Montego Bay V56”
The Montego Bay V-56 is our Level 2 stand up alternative which administers 56 VHR UVA lamps. The Montego Bay V-56 provides 360 degrees of interior illumination through vertical body lamps with a 9 minute maximum exposure 
time. A benefit of using a Stand up tanning bed is that they can be used to eliminate unsightly tan lines and white pressure point patches that may possibly be created in traditional lay down sunbeds. The height of the Montego Bay v56 booth measures at 80 inches and is more than adequate for a tall individual! 

Level 3 Beds


LEVEL 3 “Sun Capsule”
Enjoy 360 degrees of pure bronzing bliss in the SunCapsule, our deluxe level 3 stand-up bed. The SunCapsule exhibits 250 watt VHR lamps that provides deep, dark, golden results in 7 minutes flat! Stand-up tanning beds are commonly used to diminish tan lines and/or white patches which may be created by pressure points in a traditional lay down bed. Say goodbye to sweaty sessions - The SunCapsule is equipped with a high powered fan that will keep you cool from start to finish. Surround yourself with 250 watt lamps that only the SunCapsule can offer! Come 
to 33 Tanning Spa and experience this customer favorite! 


LEVEL 3 “Silver Bullet SE”
Get golden in 12 minutes with our Level 3 Silver Bullet SE which utilizes 42 high intensity VHR lamps along with three 800 watt high-pressure facial lamps for exceptional tanning performance. High Pressure UVA lamps provide deep dark results without the fear of burning usually associated with lower level lamps. The Silver Bullet Tanning Bed boasts high pressure facial lamps and special shoulder lamps to tan the often neglected areas. Keep cool in the Silver Bullet Tanning bed with its self-contained air conditioning unit- Keep calm with its triple distilled, fine, scented mist for added comfort which is conveniently available at the touch of a button. 

Level 4

LEVEL 4 “iBed”

Put yourself in the best light!!  The iBed, our level 4 state of the art bed features high pressure tanning lamps and is an innovative masterpiece of luxury. Guaranteed to impress and have you shades darker in just one session without in increased risk of burning! Let your senses be indulged with aroma therapy, air conditioning, MP3 ports with a unique subwoofer sound system , and much more! The iBeds high tech features provides its status as one of the superior tanning beds available on the market today. The iBed spotlights paramount performance with 63VHR lamps (a total of 11,350 watts) including the patented iSwing System Lamps which rotate to eliminate possible hot spots and shadows. The iBed also provides 2 shoulder lamps and 2 neck lamps to deliver detailed attention to difficult to tan areas, creating an even all-over color. In addition, the higher UVA output generates a deeper and darker tan in just one session without increasing the risk of burning. Relax in comfort and indulge in a pleasant experience while you develop an incomparable tan. The list of special features that the iBed holds is not limited to a perfect tan.

Versa Spa Spray Tanning


Spray Tanning “Versa Spa”
Get a beautiful VersaSpa UV Free Spray Tan- No Orange .. No Streaks ..No Mess.. No FUSS.. We guarantee our product!! VersaSpa has combined innovation after innovation to create the world’s first automatic skincare treatment that bronzes, hydrates, and smooths fine lines in just 60 seconds. Customize your tanning application by using Versa Spa’s transformative powers alone or in combination with your favorite tanning bed. VersaSpa is designed for comfort and prevents claustrophobia with an open chamber concept for generous airflow while still being private. The interior design, EZ-2Breathe purification system, and Comfort-Dry technology keeps you relaxed, comfortable, and dry during your long-lasting VersaSpa treatment. VersaSpa® Skin Care System also features four different full-body skin treatments to choose from. Your VersaSpa options include a pre-sunless hydration spray, a 
skin bronzing solution (3 levels: light, medium, and dark), an anti-aging moisturizer, and a UV skin-defining maximizer- you can use these alone or in any combination! VersaSpa includes a built-in infrared body warming feature that gently warms the environment before and during your session. A heated air drying cycle concludes the VersaSpa treatment leaving you ready to re-dress and comfortable from start to finish!





Skin Rejuvenation “Hydration Station”
Delight in ultimate luxury with a revolutionary spa treatment to rejuvenate the largest organ of your body in 20 minutes! The Hydration Station uses a harmonization of infrared light and steam to nourish deep into the skin for 
beautiful radiant results. The Hydration Station is an ideal approach to prepare the skin for a custom or VersaSpa spray tan or to DETOX and replenish moisture lost from day to day stresses and environmental elements. The many benefits of moisturized skin include a healthier, younger, supple appearance. Hydrated Skin also nurtures a smoother and deeper tan and is more appealing than scaly, dry skin. The Hydration Station is a pleasurable healing treatment to revitalize your skin to reclaim a more youthful tone and texture! Benefits of Integrating the Hydration Station with your Tanning Regimen: 

PREPARE. Prime your skin for a deeper and longer-lasting tan! Ideal for the UV tanner! Achieve darker tanning results with increased circulation providing an all-natural, full body “Tingle Factor” phenomenon. Accelerate your 
accelerator! Improve the tone and texture of your skin! Extend the life of your UV tan and keep your skin feeling hydrated and “baby soft.” You can expect results up to 2-3shades darker when you prepare your skin with the Hydration Station.

PROLONG. Prolong your tanning result.  Ideal for the sunless tanner! Achieve a supple and smooth sunless application. Extend the life of your sunless tan days longer! Improve DHA, vitamin, and nutrient penetration. Promote an even skin tone and healthy radiant glow.

PROTECT. Protect & Revitalize your skin! Ideal for ultimate skin rejuvenation! Receive a full body liquid vitamin shower including vitamins A, C, and E with powerful mineral extracts and pharmaceutical grade botanicals! Hydrate the deep layers of your skin to revive, restore, and protect your skin. Minimize the signs of fine lines and improve texture and tonality of your skin.