Anti-aging Treatments That Can Benefit You


This is a treatment that uses Infrared and Red light in 20-minute sessions, that can rehydrate the face and increase the formation of elastin and collagen, which in turn can reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment can also decrease flaccidity, lift tissues that are sagging and restore skin texture and tone which makes for a marked improvement that can erase years from the face.
The recommendation is that you take at least 10 treatments. After this, you can go in for maintenance treatment every month or when any need is felt to prolong the appearance of looking young.
- The treatment takes only 20 minutes
- It does not cost much
- Most salons that give this treatment will have soothing spa sounds and aromatherapy in a relaxed environment
- The treatment is not invasive or painful like Botox
- There is no need for any chemical treatments that can be expensive
- There will be no thermal damage, downtime, discomfort or other side-effects.


This treatment uses 5 different intensities of 150 LED lights of high power for lightening the skin, rejuvenating it, clearing acne, and to reduce wrinkles while boosting the production of collagen.
Red LED Light (Wavelength 650-730nm)
Red light has a proven ability to stimulate collagen production. Collagen is needed for the skin to repair damaged tissues and to improve skin structure. This effect helps to reduce fine lines, scars, large pores, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. The complexion becomes vibrant, healthy, and young.
Blue LED Light (Wavelength 430-450nm)
It has been proved that blue light can kill P acne bacteria that lurks below your skin. This helps in clearing any existing acne and prevents new occurrences and thus obviates the need for topical medicines.
Acne inflammation is reduced, skin recovery is boosted and skin oiliness is decreased as sebum production gets reduced.
Green LED Light (Wavelength 525-550 nm)
This light can help to reduce discoloration, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age spots, and freckles. Existing skin pigmentation can be reduced and lightened, overall skin tone will improve and the skin will be protected from premature discoloration and you will not require using skin lightening products that can be quite harmful.
Zero Side Effects
Photorejuvenation, which LED light therapy is also called, is completely safe. These lights do not give out heat or any harmful radiation. Laser treatment will damage skin, while LED lights will not. There are absolutely no side effects and no recovery time is required.

Skin Rejuvenation with Lightwave™ in an Anti-Aging Spa

Red and Infrared Light is used for each session of 20 minutes that results in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, that is an effect of the rehydration of the face, and an increase in the formation of elastin and collagen. Flaccidity decreases, sagging tissues are lifted, skin tone and texture is restored which acts to erase years from the face.
The recommendation is for ten treatments, maintaining treatments every month or when any need is felt to maintain the appearance of being young.

Apopka, Florida Anti-Aging Spa
* The treatment takes just 20 minutes
* It does not cost much
* The environment in this spa is relaxed and has aromatherapy, spa sounds that are soothing and an atmosphere accentuated by gentle candlelight.
* You can look younger within just a few weeks
* Your skin receives space age technology that is made possible by NASA
* The treatment is gentle and safe
* It is not invasive and painful like Botox is
* You do not need to spend a lot of money on chemical treatments
* There is no downtime, discomfort, thermal damage or any other side effects.
"My treatment started with LED lights just a month back and I have already seen that the lines that had formed around my eyes have vanished. I was earlier considering Botox but learned about Microspa and what they can help with, and this has saved me from getting shots in the eye regions, something that I was not very enthusiastic about. The treatment is easy and causes no pain. All women who have an aging problem must take this treatment." Amy C. Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Use These Clear Choice Acne Skincare Products for Enhanced Results
* ISO Eye cream
* ISO Moisture
* Sports Shield 45
* Vita CB5 Complex
* Elimaderm
* Matrix Repair Serum
* Anti-Wrinkle Retinox
* Topical Botox or Limage 10 min Wrinkle Eraser

Skin Care LED- Lightwave™ Acne Treatment and Its History

Niels Finsen first used light therapy, then called photo therapy, and received the Nobel Prize for this in 1903 in the Medicine category. There were constant research developments and after 1960 this therapy, which was then called LED therapy, also called LEDT, was used in Eastern Europe to treat many medical ailments, soft tissue injury, for joint rehabilitation, arthritis with other problems associated with it, and chronic pain. At this time, LEDT was also used in the United States by horse doctors for treating animals that had injuries in soft tissues and joints.

From 1980 to date, the field has grown rapidly and more clinics and other medical establishments have been using light therapy in bigger and more extensive capacities. Research showed that using a red light and infrared therapy not only allowed tissues to heal but improved cosmetic conditions.

Red Light(630to 640 nm Wavelength) has a superficial penetration of the human tissue, with the first 2 cm absorbing up to 80 percent of the energy. The energy from red light affect the mitochondrial stimulation in a significant way, and this increases ATP production that is responsible for boosting fibroblast activity. This increases superficial circulation, cellular turnover, and causes anti-inflammatory emission. Infrared Light (800-900 nm Wavelength) energy has a deeper tissue penetration than red light. Half of this light goes to a depth of 8cm, as per a NASA study, and 20 cm penetration is just 1%. IR helps to stimulate the NaK+ pump and this helps to increase the cell membrane permeability, facilitates cellular pH equilibrium while helping to eliminate waste byproducts and increasing absorption of nutrients.

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