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Why choose 33

We specialize in matching your unique skin tone in order to create the most flawless, natural sunless tan possible. Whether you have cool, pinkish undertones or warm, olive tones our solutions will make you bronze and beautiful in no time! Trained and certified custom airbrush tanning experts with advanced equipment and over 18 years of experience we can quickly give you a perfect customized tan just for you: your preferences, your skin tone, and your body shape. It’s all you… just enhanced!

Norvell Products

Norvell®, a name synonymous with groundbreaking sunless spray tanning innovation, continues to develop and manufacture technological breakthroughs in the sunless spray tan industry. Norvell has introduced a flurry of leading edge, award-winning products like Venetian, sunless solution Norvell Legend sunless solution, and ONE 1 hour rapid tan sunless solution. And most seen on the dancers of Dancing with the Stars. Norvell Treatments include vitamins and skin firming antioxidants, so while you are looking gorgeous, your skin is being nourished, pampered, and rejuvenated. All of our solutions are:
Now you can get the most advanced Custom Airbrush Tanning Service from the same tanning experts who first brought spray tanning to Orlando Area in 2000.

Benefits of Custom Airbrush Tans

• Custom-Blended Personalized Spray Tans last 4-10 days, far longer than any other sunless tan method.
• Each session is an individualized service with a trained and certified technician, custom blended to your skin type and desired level of darkness.
• Important and highly photographed events in your life like weddings, anniversaries, and proms will be memorized with you looking your best.
• Custom-Blended Personalized Spray Tanning can include special effects like contouring and shading along your muscles and natural curves to further enhance your appearance
. • Because an expert personalizes and performs the spray tan, you don’t have to worry about uneven color or streaking
. • Airbrush tans are 100% UV Free and safe for all skin types.

Before Your Tanning Experience

After making your tanning appointment begin your skin at least 2 times a day to prepare your skin for tanning. Bonus Points if your tan is scheduled a few days in advance. The more time you have to moisturize, the better.
Bathe, shave and exfoliate your skin prior to your tanning session. Avoid using pre-tan scrubs with oils in them. We recommend using a washcloth or body scrubber if you’re not sure whether your pre-tan scrub contains oil.
Prepare your tanning bag with loose dark clothing (for after your tanning session). Tight or restrictive clothing will damage your developing tan.
Come to your appointment with clean skin. We advise against wearing deodorant, lotions or perfumed products. If this is unavoidable, let your tanning technician know. We keep on hand, makeup removers and can remove lotions and deodorant beforehand.

After Your Tanning Experience

LET IT SET IN Unless otherwise specified by your tanning technician, we recommend that you leave your tan on at least 8 to 12 hours before you take your first shower. DHA will deepen in color 3 to 5 hours after your tan and will continue to develop for up to 24 hours. Letting your tan set in will ensure a deep tan that will last. ________________________________________ NO WATER / NO TOUCHY During color development and until your first shower, we highly recommend avoiding water and heavy petting. Rain, swimming, splashes of water, and even sweat can result in streaky uneven results. Make every effort to avoid sweating as much as possible. Sweating while sleeping, or any time during the development process may lead to streaky results. Also, keep in mind that touching your skin with your hands can cause the color to transfer color to the palms of your hands or fingertips, so you may want to steer clear of hand contact as well.

Full Body Airbrush

$59 – Full Body Airbrush
Your technician will consult with you on your ideal tan and will custom blend the appropriate solution for your skin type and desired color. It will be applied by hand, using our fine mist airbrush mister, leaving a flawless, natural glow or deep tan. After your tan is applied you will be dried and dusted with our all natural, fragrance-free powder, leaving you comfortable and ready for clothing.

Rapid Tan

$69 Full Body
This is the same natural, and beautiful color that only needs 1 to 3 hours of processing time before your first shower! This will allow you to rinse earlier and be ready to go!!

Mobile Airbrush Tanning

(minimum of 3 people) GIRLS NIGHT IN Now life just got easier! We come to you for all your pampering needs. Get your friends together for an easy and fun spray tanning party! Go all out with food, drinks, and music, or keep it low key with a more intimate gathering of just getting spray tans. However you choose, the hostess always tans free with 3 or more guests. Guests will go home raving about their fabulous experience... and their fabulous tan!
3 - 5 Guests ................ $59 each
6 - 10 Guests ........... $49 each

New Clients, Get $20
To Spend With Us!