Vitamin Skin Hydration Using The Hydration Spa Capsule

Our Hydration Spa Capsule is a relaxing 20-minute vitamin steam bath that helps to prolong tanning results, prepare for tanning, moisturize your skin, burn calories, reduce cellulite, detoxify your body and help to relieve stress.

Each session is similar to experiencing your very own personal steam room. This incredible engineering breakthrough is the combination of two patented formulas: it creates a single blanket of steam and radiant heat. This system typically bathes you simultaneously in both of the features to provide the appearance of radiant, beautiful, can clean looking skin.

Hydrofusion is incorporated by Hydration Station, which is a proprietary blend of steam and radiant heat, a vibratory bed, Oxygen Science products for botanical and vitamin diffusion, and LED color technology, all contained in an advanced capsule. It also burns 200 to 330 calories every session!

In addition, the Hydration Station is the first revolutionary system for tanning that offers the skin soothing, tropical and warm moisture. It is excellent for prolonging the life of your Sunless or UV tan to make your skin feel incredible! This powerful combination of radiant heat and steam promotes a dark, deep tan and will leave your skin beautiful, supple and soft.

For your session, you will get to choose potent vitamins, mineral extracts and pharmaceutical grade botanicals that get added into your treatment.

End Result:

- Even, flawless tan appearance
- Baby-soft, supple and smooth feeling skin
- Improved skin texture and tone appearance
- Beautiful looking skin

How The Process Works:


The treatment called Hydrofusion is a mixture of innovative features. The harmonization of an incredible two-part formula is created by this amazing engineering breakthrough: one blanket of steam and radiant heat. This system will bathe you in both of the features at the same time to provide the look of radiant, beautiful and clean skin.

Steam and Radiant Heat

With each Hydration Station experience the feeling of your skin in enhanced by its dense topical steam. The inside part of the Hydration Station is warmed by radiant heat while the steam offers the topical skin moisture. The result of even looking, moisturized, clean and vibrant skin.


The Hydration Spa Capsule uses Colorbath digital lighting technology (LEDs). The chromotherapy LED is strategically positioned to blanket the entire body in colored atmospheric light. A rich assortment of mood enhancing programs are generated by the chromotherapy, which leaves clients in a state of balance and harmony.

Vibratory Massage

The bed is ergonomically designed and a patented vibratory system is featured that comes with adjustable rhythms. You can choose to have vibration that is intense or delicate for stimulating or relaxing programs. Vibratory massage improves local blood circulation, offers relief of minor pains and aches and also provides muscle relaxation.
Escape from your regular daily life to indulge in an amazing treatment for revitalizing your body, relaxing your mind and soothing your soul. The Hydration Spa Capsule will provide your entire body with a refreshed and healthy glow as you reach new horizons of beauty and health.

The Hydration Spa Capsule - Liquid Concentrates and Other Benefits

Liquid Concentrates

Oxygen Science concentrates are used in each Hydration Spa Capsule session. The concentrates and steam are mixed together to delight your body topically. You can choose from any of the concentrates below when you come in to have a Hydration Spa Capsule treatment. Every one of our Oxygen Science concentrates contains a certain blend of natural ingredients that have been designed to meet your specific needs.

- E & C Concentrate is a fragrant and rich blend of Vitamin E as well as orange, lime, lemon and grapefruit oils, that have been designed to boost your overall skin texture and tone.
- Aloe Concentrate is a smooth and soothing blend of cooling melon, cucumber, and aloe, that has been designed to moisturize your skin deeply. The concentrate promotes even, soft color when it is used before a Mystic Spray Tanning session.
- Co-Q Contour Concentrate contains white tea and pomegranate extra, Arabica bean, Dead Sea mineral salts, green tea extract, malachite (copper) extra and the Coenzyme Q10, which has been specifically formulated to detoxify the body, reduce cellulite and help with burning calories.
- Mineral Melanin Concentrate is an incredible blend of lavender, geranium, and chamomile that has been designed to increase the production of melanin when used right before tanning, to provide you with a darker, deeper tan.

Hydration Spa Capsule - Additional Benefits:

- Capillaries are expanded which increases blood flow. Were you were aware that cancerous cells are unable to exist if there is continuous and smooth blood circulation? In order to proliferate, a cancer cell must stop moving. When blood circulation is good in the capillaries - without any functional disorder - it doesn't leave any way for cancerous cells to position themselves and settle down.
- There is a weakness that cancerous cells have - which is Heat. If the temperature reaches over 107.6 F, cancerous cells dies. The Hydration Station goes over 118 F.
- Blood pressure is significantly reduced
- Your body is detoxified
- Metabolism and enzyme activity is stimulated
- 300 calories are burned in a Hydration Station Spa Treatment lasting 30 minutes
- Promotes killing of numerous diseases that cause parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria
- Promotes injured tissue to be rebuilt - great for healing skin problems, scar tissue, and burns
- Joint stiffness is decreased, which leads to pain relief
- Relieves stress and promotes comfort and relaxation
- Balances and Reduces the body's Acidic level
- Increases the collagen tissue's extensibility
- Immune system is strengthened - white blood cell production is increased
- Toxic accumulation is reduced. The root cause of a majority of physical ailments is toxic accumulation, including many diseases and the aging process. Toxic overload is involved in numerous health conditions, ranging from ADHD in children to fibrocystic breast disease affecting women. Elimination of heavy metals and toxins from the body is promoted by the Hydration Spa Capsule.

Escape from your ordinary life to indulge in this amazing treatment to revitalize your body, relax your mind and soothe your soul. Take on a refreshed and healthy glow as your whole body reaches new horizons in beauty and health, with our Hydration Spa Capsule.

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