Detox And Wellness Treatments

Health and wellness are vital to the topics of health in the last ten years. As the baby boomers near their senior years more of them are being diagnosed with cancer. As medical services are already strained, this puts limitations on the medical technology and science that is working toward solutions. With more people taking responsibility for their health and wellness, this is an eye-opener regarding health and detox.

People are no longer relying on just the doctors and hospitals when they're ill. Today, many are turning to alternative means to stay healthy and well. They're trying to improve their state of health and focus on healthier diets. They're joining weight loss programs, they're joining exercise programs and gyms to stay healthier. They're choosing spas and nutritional supplements and they're working on joining up with more leisure groups and activities. Today, more than ever before, these changes are being driven by those who are sick and tired of waiting for their turn in the doctor's offices. They're tired of being told that they aren't sick enough to stay in the hospital, but they're not well enough to be left alone. As prices for medical care skyrocket, more people are focusing on self-care and how to prevent illness before they are actually sick. Some have lost loved ones due to diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

It's more vital now than ever before to choose preventative medicine in lieu of waiting. The sooner a person begins to detox, the sooner their body is going to be able to be healthy and strong. They'll be able to stave off diseases and infections as well as fatigue and increase their mental alertness.

The iSLIM Infrared fat burn and is exclusive to 33 Tanning Spa and it's their newest treatment protocol. Many clients were requesting a treatment that would help them to maintain their overall well-being. This treatment offers two benefits. Fat loss as well as detox. You might or might not require fat loss. However, the detox is something that we all could use. They have more information on the fat loss benefits on their website here.

Each and every day, our bodies are flooded with toxins by the foods that we eat and the beverages that we consume. The body is also flooded with such toxins from the very air we breathe as well as the chlorine int he showers and the grooming products that we choose to use. Toxins are also in our water and everywhere that we turn. No matter how hard we try to avoid such toxins, they're everywhere that we turn. It's nearly impossible to avoid them even if we do try to eat organic foods and avoid artificial ingredients, these toxins are everywhere surrounding us.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that we're sick and full of toxins. Hormones and other artificial ingredients that are found in our foods, products and everywhere around us are altering our bodies and we have virtually no control over them. We must remove these toxins regularly to stay healthy and function in top condition. That's the only way to survive.

MicroSpa's iSLIM is one of those unique solutions for getting away from the toxins that have flooded our bodies and you can also shed unwanted pounds. All of this in less than an hour. How? By choosing this treatment which will neutralize and help to eliminate those harmful chemicals that are within the body. The body works with this program to neutralize those harmful chemicals and your body sheds the toxins and enhances its immune system. Your body will be detoxed so that it can cope with the overexposure to the toxins and chemicals that are all around us in the modern world today. Additionally, those who have chronic illnesses and need to detox will find that their health is improved and their cardiovascular systems are more efficient. It also works on the immune system, the endocrine system, respiratory system, reproductive system, the urinary tract, the skin, the musculoskeletal and the nervous system. All of these toxins cause a serious issue to our health and our livers are impaired thanks to alcohol and bad eating habits. Stress and chemicals also cause serious issues to our health. We get stiff and achy joints and our muscles become susceptible to infections. We have difficulties breathing and poor sleep quality. Many become insomniacs and if you have any of these issues, you need to detox now, before it's too late.

These treatments cover you with infrared heat that offers a variety of benefits to your body. AS the heat penetrates it detoxes the body. It removes the toxins from under the skin and it removes them. Toxins such as mercury and lead, emissions from cars, molds, tobacco, alcohol, and others that pollute our bodies are attacking us on a daily basis. The infrared heat is what they use in the Far East to treat many conditions. Doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors and even physical therapists and massage therapists all use them for treating such conditions as arthritis, stiff muscles and joints, tendon injuries and ligaments that are sore. This promotes fast healing and eases the pain. Doctors in the U.S. are finding that it works well and beginning to recommend it as a form of treatment in many of their practices today. It works to relieve inflammation, high cholesterol, and weight loss. It also lowers high blood pressure.

When you detox your body, you're going to stop these toxins from accumulating and reduce their ability to lower your immune system. You'll help to prevent disease and premature aging in your skin and your mind as well as your body.

VibraNano Wellness Plate

Professional Athletes, Hollywood Celebrities all use this to reduce their stress levels and improve their wellness. It lowers the cortisol levels and it increases the levels of serotonin all while you're relaxing for a mere ten minutes. It improves circulation and it helps to oxygenate the blood flow as well as stimulate the lymphatic system that helps to improve the appearance of cellulite. It reduces toxins and when used on a regular basis, it prevents the age-related muscle tone that we lose as we age. It improves bone density and stimulates the production of collagen by creating tighter and more gorgeous skin over the entire body.

At 60 my hips hurt badly all the time. Using the machine for just ten minutes, three or four times per week for three months, I was able to improve how I felt and my shape. No more pain, no more sore muscles. At my annual physical, my bone density tests showed that the bones were perfect and my doctor thought it was my medication. It was my VibroNano. The doctor is now getting her own VibroNano. She's a believer.


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