Pain Relief With Infrared

Joints and muscles help you move and provide support as well. When they are damaged due to injury or disease it can cause you lots of pain and interfere with your movement.
Joint Pain Relief

In terms of joint pain, there are a number of different conditions that can result in painful joints, including sprains, strains, other injuries, gout, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and various other medical conditions. Joint pain is very common. One national survey showed that approximately one-third of adults reported that over the past 30 days they have experienced joint pain of some kind. The most common type of joint pain that was reported was knee pain, and then hip and shoulder pain. However, any part of the body can be affected by joint pain, from your shoulders down to your ankles. As you continue to age, joint pain becomes more and more common.

Back and Muscle Pain Relief

Muscle pain might develop due to excessive strain on a specific tendon, ligament, muscle group or muscle or also from a muscle injury. Other causes include medical conditions (lack of activity, stomach irritation, heart attack, etc.), poor posture, repetitive motions, general fatigue and an intervertebral disc. Usually, symptoms involve muscle pain with certain "tender" or "trigger" points. Stress or activity can make this pain worse. In addition to regional or local pain that muscular pain is associated with, individuals may also suffer from behavioral disturbances, fatigue, and depression.

Both joint and muscular pain may range from being mildly irritating all the way up to debilitating. It might disappear after a couple of weeks (acute) or could last as long as several weeks or even months (chronic). Quality of life can also be affected by swelling and short-term pain. Whatever is causing the pain, usually it can be managed with alternative treatments, physical therapy or medication. We have several options available to you here at Microspa to help you be able to manage your pain, without needing to use any dangerous medications.

Our iSLIM helps greatly with joint and fully body muscular pain, in addition to offering weight loss and detoxification benefits. Infrared heat is used by the treatment to penetrate into joints and muscles, to provide soothing relief and reduce inflammation. Infrared heat is used by our Hydration Spa Capsule to provide you with complete body pain relief. If you are searching for pain relief that relates specifically to your neck or back, our Therasage massage bed uses negative ions and infrared heat, and offers a great way to alleviate your back pain.

Infrared Heat Used For Pain Relief

One of the benefits that infrared heat (which is also referred to as radiant heat, or FIR) reportedly offers is that it helps to provide pain relief much better compared to less absorbent, yet more topical heat that we tend to get exposed to on a regular basis as we go through our regular daily lives, such as the heat coming from your furnace during the winter time. NASA scientists have studied infrared heat extensively and it is used in natural healing and medicine widely these days.

Infrared heat works in a different way compared to conventional heat in that it doesn't transfer heat directly from the heating source, but instead, it distributes it in a more even way due to radiating the heat in an outward manner. A secondary transference method is not needed for warming a small room, a person, an area, or whatever other purposes it might be used for.

Since this method is a lot more efficient and direct, it is believed to be a superior method of pain relief compared to conventional health. In addition, it is also a green choice due to it being a lot more energy efficient when it is used as a heater for heating up your home.

If you are familiar with infrared heating based saunas at all you will have a good understanding of this method. It is possible to stay in the infrared sauna for a longer period of time, which allows you reap even more benefits since the air that is surrounding your doesn't reach up to blistering hot temperatures the way they do with a traditional sauna.

Athletes are also known for using infrared heating for relieving the strains, pains, and aches that they suffer on a regular basis, and also to help with speeding up the healing process since it is thought to help with making circulation more efficient. This is important is due to the fact that wounds heal much more quickly when there is better circulation. This is true as well for tissue and muscle trauma. So increasing circulation definitely has a lot of benefits to it. It has only been discovered recently that infrared heat has potential health benefits that go well beyond just being used as a form of relaxation at gyms and spas all over the world.

This kind of heat warms you up directly, instead of just warming the air that surrounds you. That means it doesn't simply feel as hot as your surrounding environment does, which makes it much tolerable so that you can use more of it for a longer period of time. The theory that it provides greater therapeutic benefits is of course still up for debate. However, there are many individuals who swear that it has provided them with superior healing benefits.

There have also been claims made that state that Infrared heat therapy might benefit cancer patients, in addition to individuals with cardiac health problems and help to improve skin and cellulite issues and reduce anxiety and stress, among the numerous benefits it may potentially provide. These benefits appeal to people with both interests in their appearance as well as their health. So there is a lot of potential applications for the use of Infrared heat therapy that have only just begun to be explored.

It has also been shown that Infrared heat is very beneficial for individuals who have arthritis, by providing them with short-term pain relief while at the same time not having any adverse side effects. It provides stimulation to the individual's circulatory system that they cannot experience otherwise due to the physical limitations that they have due to their arthritis.

With all the benefits discussed here, it is clear that Infrared heat therapy has tremendous potential for offering many health benefits as well as a way to improve one's appearance. More study is needed to confirm the many claims that are being made about the benefits. The fact that less extreme temperatures are used and that it is a more direct heating method does point to it being a more efficient way to use the healing properties of heat to help with a wide range of health conditions and personal appearance issues that are so important to so many people these days.


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